Is your sex life dead-in-the-water?

"Give Your Lover The Best Foreplay She Ever Had...
By Reaching Deep Into Her Mind & Pleasuring
Every Inch Of Her Body To An Intense,
Uncontrollable Orgasm ...From The Inside Out!"

Using These Secrets May Result In An Uncontrollable
Orgasm For Your Partner Even Before Having Sex.

Learn Why Most Men Are Doing Foreplay Wrong... And How Proper Foreplay Techniques Can Make Your Lover Crave For And Give Both Of You The Best Sex Humanely Possible!


From the desk of Gabrielle Moore
#1 Best-selling Author of "The Female Orgasm Revealed" 
(and too many books to list here)

Dear Friend,

Is your sex life dead-in-the-water?

Even if it's not... do you sometimes feel things can be more exciting, perhaps more passionate or even playful... like those times when you just started dating?

If so, you're at the right place. I'm about to uncover my MOST exciting sexual discovery of the year... and you're the first to learn about it.

You see, most of the time we get so caught up with what to do during actual sex. That's what most sex advice focuses on: Which part of her body to touch... what words to whisper into her ear... that we forget... 

The Most Important Part Of Sex
Actually Comes Before Sex!

That's right, I'm talking about the often neglected F-word... FOREPLAY.

Maybe now that you're together with your partner... you no longer see the need to engage in foreplay. Or if you're like most men, you're still using the same, old foreplay techniques you learnt years ago (like ice cubes and hot towels!)

Here's the truth... 

Most Of These Foreplay Techniques
No Longer Work!

It's not really your fault though.

These outdated foreplay techniques have been so overused by men all over... your partner knows EXACTLY what to expect and may not even be receptive to them.

Worse still, when you fail to capture your lover's interest right from the start... you're setting the tone for a lower level of sexual enjoyment as things warm up. Little wonder why most men experience lackluster sex lives...

You Are Not Trained To Start
On The Right Note!

Most of you have been educated to "jump right into sex" and get physical. To men, satisfying their physical urge is the most important thing and they often can't wait to pump her like a rag doll.

But that's not how the female brain is wired.

Most of the time, jumping right into the action when she is unprepared will only lead to all types of "rejection" signals that men wrongly interpret as boredom or disinterest in sex... when in fact... 

Your Lover Is Not Even
Properly Warmed Up!

But here's the secret - Once you learn the proper way to warm your lover up and get her ready for hot, sizzling sex... you'll be able to have the most mind-blowing sex on demand. It's like walking through an open door. 

Think of it like the keys to starting a car... or a doorway you absolutely HAVE to cross in order to receive terrific sex. Once you learn how to locate and cross these hidden doorways... you'll be able to turn ANY woman on in an instant.

It's like setting a girl...


Have you ever noticed that your lover would be unusually horny, sexual or passionate on certain days?

Or that they would act out-of-their-character once in a while and even request for sex from you?

No matter how RARE these occurrences may be, or how long ago they happened... 

I Can Show You How To Make Them
Happen Whenever You Want It!

You see, what you thought was a once-off freak or lucky event probably didn't even happen BY CHANCE. It happened because you were unknowingly sending out the right sexual signals (including doing certain things that had NOTHING to do with sex)... that ignited her sexual desire!

In other words, long before the actual sex took place, you were already warming her up and getting her ready.

This is what good foreplay is about. That's why so few people get it. It's not about sex. It is about making your lover ultra-sensitive and receptive to sex... such that by the time you actually get to making love... she'll be begging you for it.

What if I can show you what these "signals" are... and then teach you how to perform them deliberately & mercilessly one after another like a targeted warm water jet?

Do you think your lover will be able to resist your advances by then?

In fact, when all these steps are done right, we instantly tap into the innermost part of the female brain that controls sexual desire... which literally makes it impossible for your partner to stop thinking about sex!

Introducing "Turn Her On Faster"
Advanced Foreplay Techniques To Seduce Her Mind & Body

My latest foreplay manual!

"Turn Her On Faster" is not a book filled with pages after pages of overrated, overused foreplay techniques. It is definitely not a laundry list of things to do.

Instead, I wrote it as a hands-on manual to understanding and getting into your partner's mind & body... such that you'll be able to IGNITE her sexual desire on demand!

Most importantly, you'll learn how to make her feel good right from the start during foreplay. I have even thrown in one whole chapter on how she can make YOU feel good, by making your partner actively involved in the foreplay process as well.

Based on the latest research into the area of "what turns women on", learn:


Why females are wired differently from guys and what EXACTLY you should do to locate that ON-OFF sexual desire switch in their minds (Yes, it DOES exist... women can get horny too!)

Why men today (you included) don't have to work as hard in order to get pleasured in bed (If you understand this principle, you'll realize that half of the work is already done for you... You just have to do the other half!)

How you can take advantage of what EVERY woman secretly wants but are too shy to ask to make them give you mind-blowing sex (Use this technique for good only!)

Learn what operating an oven and driving a car have in common with enjoying GREAT sex (Understand this concept... and enjoyable sex becomes as easy as pushing a button. Sadly, 97% of all men are still doing this wrong!)

One thing you can instantly do in the next 15 minutes that will drastically alter the course of your sex life (If it's going downhill, this simple act can literally perk things up!)

One deadly myth men have about women... that causes them to NEGLECT this most important aspect of their sex life (I show you how to correct this misconception and actually attract your wife's attention.)

How to use your mobile phone to turn her on... even if you're both at different places! (I teach you a type of highly effective text message to send that is bound to get her heart racing. Don't worry... this is NOTHING pornographic, dirty or raunchy!)

One thing you definitely MUST do right now (even if you're in the office) that has a direct impact on the quality of the sex you will receive later tonight (This activity takes less than 5 minutes and yet it means the world to a lady. If you do it while the lady is ____, you double or even triple its effectiveness!)

3 things you must do to turn that simple, boring "goodbye kiss" into the most passionate kiss your partner or wife ever had

How to never run out of ideas again about how to make your wife excited about sex (Once you learn where to look... you'll be able to instantly rekindle the flames in your relationship! Hint – It's NOT the Internet or some porn flick!)

Yes Gabrielle, I Have Read Enough! Teach Me All These
Advanced Foreplay Techniques For Great Sex Right Now!


The little-known 3 second technique that literally taps into your partner's desire for sex... and yet it is so innocent it can be done even at the mall!

The #1 misconception most men have... that cause women to perceive them as "unromantic" or selfish (Once you correct this, women will see you as romantic... even if you're the most boring guy who never has any fresh ideas!)

2 factors that must ALWAYS be present before a woman's desire for sex kicks in (If any ONE of these factors are missing... your partner will NEVER want sex, no matter how hard you try! I show you how to get both down pat.)

The secret to making sex unforgettable for your partner even if you're not the most physically attractive or hunky guy... (It boils down to knowing what most men do and NOT doing it!)

How to quickly tell which of these 2 character types your partner belongs to... and then using the correct technique to turn her on (Most men are doing the complete opposite for their partners!)

The 6 magic words and HOW you should say them to your lover (Say these words in the right manner, and you literally tear down her sexual inhibitions.)

The art of fore-foreplay and why it has a direct impact on how enjoyable your sex life is (I show you how to master this art like a pro.)

One surprising gesture that 7 out of 10 women say turns them on immensely... that most guys don't even know about and don't bother doing!

What every woman wants in bed and how you can give it to them (Hint: Unless you're a woman, you'll NEVER guess what this is!)

The magical, 7 letter word every man MUST know that instantly sets every woman on fire and puts them in the right mood for sex... every single time! (Once you realize what this 7 letter word is, you'll know in advance whether your lover will be "turned on" by what you're doing.)

Yes Gabrielle, I Have Read Enough! Teach Me All These
Advanced Foreplay Techniques For Great Sex Right Now!


The shocking truth about women's need for sex (You'll be pleasantly surprised to learn how you can take advantage of this.)

One thing that may be on your lover's mind when she is having sex with you tonight that leads to poor sex performance (If you know what this thing is, you'll be able to take care of it in 15 minutes!)

What phrases you should use on your partner BEFORE or DURING sex that will instantly ram up their sexual performance

The shocking complaint most women have about foreplay... and what they really want!

How the duration of your foreplay has a direct relation to the duration and intensity of your sex (and what you can do to prolong your foreplay)

The secret ingredient you can easily add to your foreplay routine tonight that will excite your lover and get her on the edge

One surefire method to turn on your partner's mind (You can easily try out a few variations of this technique... even in public!)

The ultimate signal you can send to your lover that slowly builds up her expectations and desires for hot, passionate sex (Do this several times a day and before long... the pressure will be too much to resist.)

8 little-known things you should do at the same time when kissing your partner during foreplay that instantly heats up your bedroom action

The innocent finger technique you can use when kissing your lover that sneakily turns on her desire for MORE intense and naughty sex later on


One kind of sound that girls go crazy upon hearing guys make... This actually makes them quiver uncontrollably! (Note: It is NOT a moan!)

3 things most women want you to do to them during sex (If you do ANY one of these actions... you're instantly seen as being "in control".)

How to have any woman willingly act out your deepest & darkest fantasies by obeying this simple rule (Once you learn this, your teacher-student, or prisoner-warden fantasies can be a reality in your bedroom.)

One taboo subject most couples often NEVER discuss about in their relationship... and why it leads to boring, unfulfilled sex lives (Once you start talking about this openly, the quality of your sex life improves!)

The difference between dirty and intimate talk (Most men confuse one with the other... turning their partners off!)

How to talk dirty in a way that turns your lover on... even if she typically frowns upon dirty language! (I show you how you can talk dirty without offending your partner.)

The 4 things you MUST do to turn on your lover's mind... and get her ready for sex

What most guys do incorrectly during foreplay, and the parts of her body you should actually FOCUS on (Hint: It's NOT her breasts or down there!)

How you should handle your lover's breasts during foreplay (Warning: Your partner's breasts may be one of these 4 types... and unless you play with them correctly... they may actually feel painful instead of pleasured!)

The secret art of nipple play... and how you can maximize your lover's pleasure using this highly sensitive spot of the body (Once again, there are 3 nipple types that have to be handled accordingly. Most guys just treat them as the same.)

Yes Gabrielle, I Have Read Enough! Teach Me All These
Advanced Foreplay Techniques For Great Sex Right Now!


Unlikely, little-known "hot spots" of the female body you should target to give your partner an unforgettable foreplay experience (Most men are not even aware of these areas!)

The 2 step technique you can use to "turn her on"... based on actual feedback by women!

Why most sex lives get boring as time passes and how you can solve this problem with your fingers

How to instantly send electrifying signals down the nerve endings of your partner... resulting in an immensely pleasurable sensation that heightens their desire for sex!

How to stimulate your lover's elusive G-spot during foreplay (Note: The key here is to play with it... but not TOO much! I teach you how.)

One easy and effective way to perk up your sex life that works wonders for married couples (If you think you have "tried every trick in the bag"... this one will resuscitate your sex life.)

Why your kitchen counter can be a place for incredibly kinky foreplay

The most offending statement you should NEVER say to your girlfriend, wife, lover or partner... EVER... during foreplay! (Yet some men unknowingly make this mistake... that leaves their other half feeling deeply hurt!)

The art of multi-tasking during foreplay and why it sometimes works (I teach you when to focus on one area and when to focus on multiple areas.)

The #1 most stimulating spot on a woman's body according to scientific research that you MUST engage during every foreplay session (Hint: It is NOT the G-spot, breasts or down there. Not even close!)

Yes Gabrielle, I Have Read Enough! Teach Me All These
Advanced Foreplay Techniques For Great Sex Right Now!


How to get immediate feedback whether your lover is aroused... and what to do if she isn't

The most common signal guys mistake as arousal (Make sure you don't make this mistake and "force your way through"!)

The ONLY body part that does NOT lie... which you can look at every single time to decide whether your partner is ready for more (This is literally like a traffic light that tells you whether you should proceed.)

The truth about oral sex and the role it plays during foreplay

The single, most important golden rule you should obey before engaging in oral sex with your partner (Yet most men conveniently ignore this!)

12 tried and tested oral sex positions you can try on your partner tonight... that will instantly ram up the enjoyment factor, and prime them for more sex later on (Definitely NOT boring!)

The F8 technique to use on your lover during oral sex that will have them moaning and begging you for more... uncontrollably.

Still using ice cubes or hot towels? Try using this instead! (You most probably have them lying around the house... and it gives an added benefit!)

9 things women fantasize about and how you can incorporate them into your foreplay to make it exciting for your partner

How you can use sex toys to seriously spice up your foreplay and directly lead-in to having intense sex later on (I'm not talking about boring toys such as vibrators... Learn what are the 7 alternative types of perfect foreplay toys you can experiment with.)

Yes Gabrielle, I Have Read Enough! Teach Me All These
Advanced Foreplay Techniques For Great Sex Right Now!


One under-explored, barely known part of her body that contains more nerve endings per square inch than any other part... making it the perfect foreplay hotspot (I show you how to work this part by repeatedly & mercilessly applying any 1 of these 4 actions!)

Always wanted to add kinky role playing into your foreplay routine but didn't know how to ask? Learn this 1 essential ingredient that can quickly make role playing a regular part of your repertoire

Why ignoring your mother's advice of "not playing with your food" may add a whole new dimension to your foreplay activities... if you dare!

What you should take note of when doing "food play"... Ignoring this advice can lead to a medical emergency!

How the different seasons (spring, summer, autumn, winter) can affect the nature of your foreplay activities – Don't just stick to the same foreplay routine all year round... vary them with the seasons!

One kind of wonder fruit you can use to perform this incredibly sexy foreplay act for your partner in the bedroom

How to have raunchy foreplay during summer when the temperature heats up (This will cool her down and heat her up at the same time!)

What is the best foreplay activity to perform during winter when its cold outside... and you want something steamy to heat up the bedroom

5 adventurous places you can engage in foreplay during the day... and have it build up to full-blown sex (Option #5 shows how you can turn any safe place into one with excitement & anticipation!)

Secrets of taking advantage of the "sacred window of time" just AFTER foreplay and BEFORE you engage in actual intercourse (This is when your lover's inhibitions will be at its lowest... and she'll readily give you what you want!)

Yes Gabrielle, I Have Read Enough! Teach Me All These
Advanced Foreplay Techniques For Great Sex Right Now!


The #1 reason why the sex life of most married couples suck (and how you can turn yours around by making this one change in your behavior)

3 actions you can do during foreplay or sex that will instantly get your wife to reciprocate, and even turn on the "need for sex" in her mind

Learn the surprising answer most men give when asked about the best sexual experience of their life (Once you learn what creates great sex, you will do this thing all the time!)

The shocking statistic about how often orgasm occurs during foreplay itself... and how you can take advantage of this (If you're rushing through foreplay or skipping it altogether... you're missing out half of the action!)

What to do if your lover's actions no longer pleasure you... and when you can anticipate her every move? (Instead of suffering in silence, I show you an easy way to defuse the situation and have her work you all over like a hot kitten.)

7 sex-charged spots of the male body your partner must know that will quickly allow her to take charge and join you in sensual foreplay (Foreplay is not only about your lover's needs... it is about making both of you feel great!)

Something erotic you can whisper into your lover's ears that can instantly make their toes curl in pleasure... just by knowing this!

Two things you should take note of when sharing your deepest, darkest fantasies with your partner (Do any one of these wrong... and you may dash your chances of ever acting out any of them!)

The 3 step rule to sharing your deepest fantasies with your lover and having her agree to perform them on you... even if you two have barely been together!

One mistake couples make when engaging in oral sex... which instant dampens the whole thing and makes it an anti-climax! (I show you how to have the BEST oral play you ever experienced during foreplay...)

Yes Gabrielle, I Have Read Enough! Teach Me All These
Advanced Foreplay Techniques For Great Sex Right Now!


How to read your partner's body language and see whether she is receptive to oral sex (If she's not, I'll show you a sneaky technique you can use that will have her beg for your tool in her mouth later... or vice versa!)

One thing you should definitely do when planning to have oral sex (This only takes 3 minutes, and it can make the difference between terrific oral sex... or a damper!)

What to do if you make the mistake of accidentally crossing the line during sex... and do something unacceptable to your lover (I show you how to defuse the situation and turn it into something good. Warning – Some partners may instantly refuse to have sex with you!)

Learn why premature ejaculation is the #1 mood killer during foreplay... and how you can overcome this problem (The answer may be as simple as making this change to your mindset!)

4 sneaky things you can do to delay or even prolong your climax... and yet not break the flow of the session (Imagine what you can do when you can have foreplay that lasts for hours... if you wanted to!)

The "Birthday Cake" technique you partner can use that can make you aroused for longer

Not using a condom? I teach you a secret (almost unheard of) benefit a condom brings during foreplay... 

One exercise you can do at home, in the office, while driving, or anywhere that will make you last longer and supercharge the intensity of your ejaculations (Some "sex teachers" and websites charge hundreds of dollars to teach one single technique alone!)

Always thought that orgasm and ejaculation are one and the same? Don't make this mistake most men make! I teach you how to separate the two... such that you can experience the "high" of orgasm over and over again... without ejaculating during foreplay!

The 4 phases of sexual response, and which phase you should stop at to make yourself last longer (Most men just rush through all 4 phases in a blur with no control over themselves!)

Yes Gabrielle, I Have Read Enough! Teach Me All These
Advanced Foreplay Techniques For Great Sex Right Now!


The astonishing concept of after play... and why it can be the "foreplay" for the NEXT enjoyable session you'll be having (I show you how to incorporate the concept of afterplay into your sex life... and have one sex session lead to another.)

How to create an expectation and even greater yearning for sex once you're done with your current session (Planting this seed in your partner's mind makes them come back to you for more the next day... without you having to ask for it!)

Why you should never roll over and just go to sleep after reaching orgasm... and how this move is slowly but surely... killing your sex life (Learn what you should do instead.)

One technique to increase the frequency of sex with your partner... and turn it into something to "look forward to" for both of you (If one of you have always been "too tired" or "not in the mood" for sex... this technique will ram up the frequency of your romps!

One innocent way to ask your partner for more sex... even if you have been married for years and hardly do it anymore (This method will get your sex life up and running again.)

One thing your children does that you can put into practice for your regular sex routine... (You'll be surprised at how powerful this technique is!)

Here's The Bottom Line...

If you have always yearned for mind-blowing sex... but could never "get it" from your partner no matter what you tried... it may be because you never learnt to cross this "doorway" EVERY man MUST pass in order to receive amazing sex.

Without building the pleasure up slowly to its highest peak and then allowing it all to climax, you are denying yourself of the most intense sex humanely possible.

Look, it does not matter how young or old you are, how much experience you have, your physical attractiveness or abilities. None of those matter here. The ONLY thing that matters is that you master my techniques for foreplay and use them correctly.

Here's what one of my readers shared with me:

"Works At A Party Even With Strangers!"

"I downloaded your book about a week ago. Last night I went to a party, and there was a girl that took a liking to me. I used some of the foreplay techniques that were in the ebook and I was literally dragged into an upstairs bedroom. This is good stuff."

Don't you think that's pretty powerful stuff? To be able to turn any girl on, whenever you want it... and have it lead to some great sex?

Maybe you think this guy got lucky, or he was young and good-looking. But let me tell you something... Looks, age or physical attractiveness have absolutely nothing to do with whether these techniques work on not. 

My methods work on ANY woman, and can be used by ANY guy. I'm willing to wager that even the most nondescript and unattractive guy using these advanced foreplay techniques can end up in passionate sex with any woman. Luck has no part to play in all this.

The truth is none of these pre-conceived "barriers" actually matter once you know the "right" steps to take... as these men show: 

"Age Is NOT A Problem!"

"As an old bastard 81 years of age, I can't help wonder where all those balmy nights went?"

"I SHOULD NOT EVEN be getting your mail!"

"I am 77 years old with Parkinson's Disease. My wife is 73 years old with Alzheimer's Disease yet we still have sex every day thanks to you, sometimes 2 times a day. Life is still lots of fun."

--- Tom

"The look on my girlfriend's face was priceless..."

"Gabrielle is spilling the best secrets! The look on my girlfriend's face was priceless... a mix of shock and pure orgasmic bliss! There's nothing better than knowing I was the one who made her cum so hard and loud the neighbors literally called the cops!"

--- Rick, Richmond, VA

"Now we have sex at least 6 times a week!"

"Gabrielle has brought our sex life back to life! She's gentle yet, extremely enthusiastic when she talks about her own sex life along with ours. She gives great advice, without her, me and my wife wouldn't have much of a sex life again. I got to admit, we were in a "slump" until we started reading her emails everyday. Now we have sex at least 6 times a week! Keep up the wonderful work Gabrielle!"

--- Chris, Indianapolis, IN

"All I can say is by the time dinner is over,
she's practically begging me for sex!"

"Gabrielle, my sex life has been phenomenal thanks to your advice. My girlfriend can't wait to see what "new" technique or idea I have planned for her. You're my "secret weapon" that keeps getting me laid every night!

It's turned into an aphrodisiac for her as I flirt a lot with her about it, telling her to "wait till after dinner."

All I can say is by the time dinner is over, she's practically begging me for sex! Thanks Gabrielle!"

Ben (and my girlfriend Leah!), Honolulu

Yes Gabrielle! I Want To Have Unforgettable
Foreplay With My Lover... Starting Tonight!


"My lover reaches climax before me!"

"I now find that my lover reaches climax before me most of the time!"

--- Anthony, Liverpool, England

"Last night I gave my girl friend her first orgasm..."

"Last night I gave my girl friend her first orgasm... I've never felt so good about myself... all this reading and studying paid off!

I always thought her getting me off was the best feeling I could have, but me getting her off was the biggest turn on and most rewarding thing I have ever done... thanks Gabrielle!"

--- Luke Hutchinson, Sydney, Australia

"This info is that important it should be a school subject."

"If computers were my way of life 45 years ago, the smile on my face would tell everything. Where were you then! This info is that important it should be a school subject. I am 59 yrs. in two weeks & thanks to you I have a much more robust outlook."

--- Wayne Tucker, Southern Australia

"She begs me to have sex!"

"My partner was already satisfied with our sex life and so was I. But I am one of these people that are always trying to improve anything that I do. I was just surfing the web when I found your advice. I was skeptical at first, but finally decided to try it. Now when my partner and I get together, she begs me to have sex and we are now even more happier than we already were."

--- Jonathan, Prattville, AL

"Thanks to Gabrielle's advices
my woman is crying for sex from me!"

"Thanks to Gabrielle's advices my woman is crying for sex from me every day and we now do it as much as I can a day. Before she would always refuse me because I didn't know how to make her feel good. Thank you so much for all the tips!"

--- Kris, Edinburgh, UK

"I have her orgasm and sometimes
squirting a few times an hour!"

"Before learning your secrets, me and my girlfriend got along okay, sex was pretty good. When we had sex, I could usually get her to orgasm once or twice, but I wasn't satisfied with that. I figured that for a night of love making, she should be climaxing more than twice. I stumbled across Gabrielle's site, and after a few months... I have her orgasm and sometimes squirting a few times an hour to the point where when we are done, we can barely move! Thanks Gabrielle and keep up the good work."

--- Tony, Daytona Beach, FL

If they can learn how to do it, so can you.

With testimonials like this, it is little wonder one of my clients said...

"You're A Professor Of The Female Body!"

But unlike real professors who only do academic research, I know for a fact that what I talk about works. Three hundred and fifty-thousand (that's 350,000) men have read and benefitted from my books, articles and regular sex advice. 

So when I say I have the keys to a better sex life for you and your partner, I say so with absolute confidence.

How would you like to use foreplay to intensify your lover's desire for sex and give both of you the BEST sex you ever had in a long time? "Turn Her On Faster" is a step-by-step manual for doing just that, by first teaching you how to turn on your partner's mind... and finally her body.

Most "experts" only teach you how to concentrate on her body, which often leads to unfulfilling sex that leaves us dissatisfied. That's because turning on your lover's body is only half of the picture.

If you have always wanted to have something more or extra in your sex life, maybe it's because you're not doing foreplay right...

Learn All My Advanced Foreplay Secrets
For Only $47!

"Turn Her On Faster" is available as an electronic download for only $47. This means you can download it in the next 5 minutes, without waiting for any packages to arrive in the mail. Your privacy is also completely assured... She doesn't have to know where you're learning all this secret stuff from, or how you suddenly make her feel so good.

Shhh... It's our secret!

And by the way, there is absolutely ZERO risk on your part. Get a copy of my book, read it and use as many of my advanced foreplay tips as possible to have the greatest sex humanely possible.

If you feel that my book is not up to your standards, or that I didn't turn you into a "foreplay guru"... then simply let me know within 60 days for a full refund.

If my techniques don't work for you... and don't give you the BEST sex you ever had... I don't want your money!


FREE BONUS "Oral Play"

When you download your copy of "Turn Her On Faster" today, you will also receive a bonus chapter that I decided to include in this program called "Oral Play".

You see, when it comes to foreplay, one of the best "sex toys" that you can use to turn her on is your own tongue!

Oral sex can turn almost ANY woman on if it's done the right way.

Here are some of the hot concepts you will learn today:

"Oral Prepwork" – secret techniques you need to know to wash her body (and yours) before you even consider having oral sex

10 "almost forbidden" positions to give her the best oral sex she's ever had (forget about the "boring" 69... that's just for beginners!)

The perfect oral sex position for "urgent sex" (plus, this position appeals to alpha females who like seeing you shamelessly submissive in front of her)

And much more... 

Yes Gabrielle! I Want To Have Unforgettable
Foreplay With My Lover... Starting Tonight!


Because foreplay is such a little-known art... anyone who masters it instantly becomes the ideal guy in their lover's eyes.

True... someone else may LOOK more attractive... but only a guy skilled in foreplay can make a lady feel good, loved and appreciated. If you have always wondered why some of the best looking ladies are often with the most average of guys... it's because these guys know a thing or two about how to make their partners feel good.

Sure, you can make your partner feel good by "stumbling upon" something that works once in a while. But why leave things to chance when I can show you the exact buttons to press for some wild foreplay?

Remember – How much fun you have during foreplay directly affects how intense and long the actual sex will be later on... and the quality of your sex life.

Don't leave things to chance. Learn how to do foreplay right today.

Yes Gabrielle! I Want To Have Unforgettable
Foreplay With My Lover... Starting Tonight!

To Your Hottest Sex Ever,

Gabrielle Moore
Author of "Turn Her On Faster"
and other #1 selling sex books

P.S – If you don't even want to make a small investment to learn how to pleasure your lover correctly... are you saying that you deserve to have lousy sex for the rest of your life?

No matter how old you are, or how many years you have been together with your partner... my foreplay secrets will give your sex life the powerful boost it needs. Learn and use my secrets for yourself today.


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